Thursday, February 23, 2012

Welcome to The Rose Garden At MCC Blog

On any of the topics listed above, you can participate as just a reader, or you can post a question or information to share, or you can make a comment to an existing post. This Blog is hosted by Google for no charge. You don't have to have a Google account, but if you want some profile information about yourself to attend your posted comments, setting up a free Google account is the way to do that. Click here to setup a Google account (optional).

An excellent source for many of your questions can be found at The Rose Garden At Mesa Community College website,, under menu categories "Caring for Roses" and "Links". Another source is the Mesa-East Valley Rose Society (MEVRS) website at See their Newsletters and Articles.

Also, please welcome Steve Sheard who has offered to moderate this Blog and to help answer your questions. Steve has a great deal of knowledge about roses, is the current MEVRS President, a Consulting Rosarian, a member of the Garden Board of Directors, and has entered many rose shows and won ribbons/trophies. See the "About Steve" page above to learn more about Steve.  WELCOME, Steve!

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