1. Hello, As a recent volunteer to the Mesa Community Rose Garden and new to caring for roses, I wanted to ensure accuracy and correctness for pruning and deadheading.
    I cannot always attend on a Saturday for the instructional portions and enjoy being able to volunteer throughout the year.
    When the blooms begin in a few weeks is there a method or certain way to deadhead?
    thank you

  2. "Dead Heading" is the removal of blooms that are past their prime on their way to being "Dead". As a rule of thumb you move down the stalk from the spent bloom, until you come to the leaf with 5 leaflets and then cut 1/4" above this on a slant with the high side being on the side with the leaf.
    On brand new and weak bushes we like to leave all the leaves and only take the bloom - thus leaving more leaf to perform Photosynthesis. On very large bushes that are growing agressively you can "Dead-Head" or prune a little further down the can to keep the bush in check.