1. Last winter I began a compost system .simply put.. from organic banana skins to egg shells to bits of green leafy uneaten veggies. NOW as it has been turned outside in my Compost container with occasional water added.. IT IS so black, shiny, and I think ready to apply. My question is when is the time to apply and how often and how much per plant?

  2. It is great to here your composting is working. Compost is a bonus treat for my roses, being applied as a mulch, about 2 inches deep, out to 1-2 foot radius from the crown. You could also work it into the top 2 inches of soil, about the same amount.
    I still fertilize my roses in the summer, but at 1/2 strength. (If the packet says 1 cup per bush every six weeks, give 1/2 per bush every six weeks).