1. We would like to plant a climber with many blooms that will withstand a very hot afternoon sun not sure about the irrigation system we will have. Is this possible?Do we have to have a trellis? I have observed Japanese honeysuckle in a Chandler back alley doing very well with very little care. But would prefer a rose.

    1. Roses need good regular watering during our summer. If you can do this then I would recomment Golden Shower, a very vigorous yellow climber. You will need to provide some support.
      If you can not provide regular watering I would look at Bouganvillia.

  2. I have rose bushes in my backyard. Last year they bloomed all summer long. But this year they only bloomed at beginning of season april now nothing. They r watered regularly. I trimmed them back I believe november. I cut the deadheads once bloom was done. Suggestions

  3. I need a better understanding of what the bush might be. Do you have any pictures of it in bloom, last year, this year?
    Can you take a current picture and post it?

  4. We are trying to identify a particular lovely rose in the garden that is unlabeled. It is a large-flowered blush white, very fragrant rose located at the back of "Bed 1 (or I)" in the AARS test plot in the older west end of the garden. The rose sets at the rear of the bed, adjacent to a grass path, and about 12 feet to the left (west) of the curved wall. It was in perfect form yesterday (3/15/15). Any info would be most appreciated! Thanks.

  5. I am looking at planting 4 to 6 shrub roses this fall. Can you recommend some varieties that do well in Phoenix heat and are readily available.